Frequently asked questions

  • What is TIZI?

    TIZI is the Internet portal of Postal Savings Bank j.s.c. Belgrade through which money is sent from abroad to a receiver in the Republic of Serbia. Sending of money is carried out by debiting the receiver’s payment card. After debiting the receiver’s payment card, the funds will be available to the receiver in only several minutes in two ways: by direct cash payment to the receiver’s account held with the Postal Savings Bank j.s.c. Belgrade or by cash payment at the nearest counter of the Bank. The funds that are transferred will be paid out to the receiver only in RSD.

  • How does TIZI function?

    The service of sending money remittances through the Internet is a service of transferring money only from abroad to the Republic of Serbia.

    The service of sending money through the TIZI Portal may be used by persons, holders of one of the supported brands of payment cards for payments through the Internet (debit or credit) issued by a foreign payment service provider. The signs of the card brands that are accepted are shown on the TIZI Portal when making payments.

  • How to send money?

    For using the TIZI Portal it is necessary that the sender registers himself/herself by entering his/her user name and password that he/she chose during the registration. By entering correct data for the transfer of money and confirming the debit of the payment card on the TIZI Portal, the sender will receive on the order a notification on a successfully executed transaction or successfully initated transaction if the money should be paid to the receiver at the counter of the Bank.

    The transfer of funds of one or more transactions in favour of the receiver is limited to EUR 1,000 (in RSD equivalent) on a monthly basis.

  • How to take over the money?

    After the money is paid, the Bank will inform the receiver by sending an SMS to the mobile phone number the receiver indicated in his/her registration on the TIZI portal. The Bank is obliged to enable the receiver to withdraw the funds until the end of the business day when the payment transaction was executed.

    If the receiver is the client of the Bank, the funds will be transferred to the current RSD account within several minutes. Other users may withdraw the funds credited through the TIZI Portal at any branch office of the Bank.

    You may check the business hours of the Bank’s branch offices on the website of the Bank

  • When is a money sending transaction considered to be completed and what appears on the TIZI Portal?

    Until the funds have not been credited to the receiver, it will be indicated on the user’s side of the TIZI Portal’s screen that the transaction has been successfully initiated (provided that the transaction has not been refused for some reasons).

  • What exchange rate is applied when a transaction is shown in EUR?

    The exchange rate for payment cards of the previous day will be applied at the moment of authorizing the transaction and it will be of informative nature. It may be different from the exchange rate applied with a payment card financial transaction with which the funds were credited.

  • May I use again the same order when I register myself on the TIZI Portal for the first time?

    Yes, you can safely use your already given order that is remembered and that can be modified by you with new data with the help of the user name and one-time password.

  • How safe is the use of the TIZI Portal?

    The TIZI Portal operates according to the international safety standards and it holds certificates of international card organizations. As in other card transactions, the protection of the data on users and cards is according to the highest payment safety standards.

  • How much does the sending of money to the Republic of Serbia through the TIZI Portal cost?

    The sender is obliged to pay a fee for the conducted money transfer service in accordance with the applicable Tariff of Fees of the Bank. The precise amount of the fee for sending money will be shown to the receiver when entering the amount for sending. The Bank shall collect the fee immediately after the sender has transferred the funds. The receciver shall have no charges.

    In the promotional period until 08.12.2022 the fee amounts to 0 % of the transaction amount, RSD 6000 maximally.

    Each change in the Tariff of Fees will be available within the TIZI Portal and on the website of the Bank

  • You can send all questions, comments and suggestions to the following e-mail: so that we could jointly improve the service.