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Check out frequently asked questions

What is TIZI?

How does TIZI work?

How to send money?

How to withdraw the money?

I didn't receive the security code after registration. What do I need to do?

When is a money transaction considered to be completed and what appears on the TIZI Portal?

I sent the money to the recipient, but he/she did not receive the mentioned SMS message with the transfer identification number when withdrawing cash at the Bank counter?

I forgot the password and the system shows me the message "Username or password is incorrect"?

I have successfully registered on the site, but when buying remittances I receive a message that the transaction was not successful or that it was not executed?

Which exchange rate is applied when the transaction is displayed in EUR,CHF,USD currencies?

Can I use again the same account when I register on the TIZI Portal for the first time?

How safe is the use of the TIZI Portal?

How much the sending of money to the Republic of Serbia through the TIZI Portal cost?

I have an account with mts Bank, which is part of the Postal Savings Bank. Can I receive funds from abroad by purchasing remittances on the TIZI portal directly to my current account starting at 360?